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The Swedish trilogy

bok 1

Den vidunderliga utsikten

Klara Andersson bok 1 (Swedish version)

The amazing view takes place mainly at the EU Parliament. We follow what happens when the ultramodern Swedish stealth vessel, YS 2000, is threatened by foreign interests. Then it is Fatima, not Klara, who must be activated, and Luis is finally forced to tell Klara the whole truth about the matter. Tougher, somewhat cynical in the void of her wrecked marriage, she accepts to carry out the mission and becomes part of the Swedish military intelligence organization. 

Bok 2

Huset pa Carrera 9

Klara Andersson bok 2 (Swedish version)

In The House at Carrera 9 she escapes, suspected of being involved in a mayor terrorist attack in Amsterdam, first hiding in Spain. She ends up in Colombia where she gets a job with a Russian Oil Company in the capital, Bogotá, and starts rearranging her life. The architect Milan Koči, an old friend from the period in the Chechoslovaquia, is also in Colombia at the time, and the two resume their relation. Too late Klara realizes that Milan has his own agenda. She becomes engaged in his private war, which soon adopts dramatic proportions.

Bok 3


Klara Andersson bok 3 (Swedish version)

Klara returns to Sweden and works as an interpreter. In Our Lady of the Snow she is working on a court case involving the Czech Republic, and remembers her period in the country behind the iron curtain. Drahoš Vacovský, an old acquaintance, is involved. The coincidence turns into a dangerous trap and the mysterious church in the center of Prague, Panny Marie Sněžné – Our Lady of the Snow – plays a role, both in the prelude to the actual events and in the outcome of the story.

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